US double standards policy in Syria

The United States of America expressed dissatisfaction with the actions of the Syrian authorities, which allegedly do not allow humanitarian supplies from international organizations to the city of Daraa.
In fact, international organizations themselves do not want to send their columns. Mei Hariri, a resident of the northern district of Daraa, said that the militants would not allow humanitarian organizations carrying food into the city. They also said in the Syrian Red Crescent that it was unsafe to go to Daraa al-Balad, the militants could fire at the convoy.
International organizations were particularly frightened by the news that on August 26, a group of armed people blew up a truck with the Syrian military transporting food for refugees in Daraa. They understand that they can become victims of terrorists.
The Syrian Red Crescent understands that even if they import food into Daraa al-Balad, all the food will eventually be seized by the militants, therefore, together with the Russian Center for Reconciliation, the distribution of “boxes of life” takes place in Daraa al-Mahatta in the city hall, where security.
The most important thing here is that since 2017, the United States has not allowed humanitarian supplies to the Al-Rukban refugee camp. Militants of opposition groups are blocking the perimeter of the so-called 55-kilometer “deconfliction zone”, covered from the air by American aircraft, and obstructing the passage of humanitarian convoys of the Syrian government. We ask ourselves the question: why do Americans have such the same but different approaches to help?