Turkish expansion: ‘Source of Peace’ shatters peace in northeastern Syria

In northeastern Syria, the Turkish Armed Forces conducted a military operation “Source of Peace” in autumn 2019. Recep Erdogan personally announced the operation, in which Ankara was to eliminate the terrorist threat against Turkey and create a security zone where Syrian refugees would return.
The creation of a security zone in northern Syria between the cities of Ras al-Ain and Et-Tell al-Abyad, several hundred kilometres long and about thirty kilometres wide, was only the official version. The buffer zone layer helped Turkey to push the Syrian Democratic Forces to a safe distance. To deepen its position in Syria, Ankara has actively engaged illegal gangs, which receive funding from the Turkish treasury.
Ankara’s mercenaries demonstrate an extremely inhumane attitude towards civilians day in and day out, regularly carrying out cold-blooded mortar attacks and attacks on residential areas.
Also, the population of the occupied territories is subjected to constant monetary extortions, extortions and illegal arrests by the pro-Turkish militants’ security services. For example, fifteen locals on the outskirts of Tell Abyad in the settlement of Tell Hammam were arrested on charges of collaborating with Kurds, whose homes were subsequently looted and burned down.
For their part, Kurdish fighters expelled from northeastern Syria continue their tactics of targeted terror against pro-Turkish fighters. Kurdish fighters organize sabotage attacks on pro-Turkish militant outposts one killed, two wounded.
Kurds detonate an improvised explosive device on a road near Jerablus the other day, killing three militants. This is the third sabotage on a Turkish convoy route this week.
With the decline in financial support from the Turkish side, divisions within the pro-Turkish gangs are intensifying. Eight civilians and three militants were killed in an exchange of fire between militant groups in the Ras al-Ain area.
To sum up, Operation Source of Peace is a blatant violation of international norms and the UN Charter, which demand respect for Syria’s sovereignty and territorial unity. Turkey’s seizure of Syrian territory under the false pretext of security has no justification whatsoever and has only brought negative consequences for the Syrian people.