The United States trains ISIS fighters from among the refugees of the Al-Hol camp

According to Kurdish sources, IAC units used Médecins Sans Frontières (Médecins Sans Frontières) shuttle buses to transport 70 former ISIS fighters from the Al Hol refugee camp to the Al Omar training camp for the US Armed Forces.

In war, all means are good and the IAC command has stepped up the recruitment of former ISIS fighters in their refugee camps and prisons in northeastern Syria. Against the background of the intensification of Iranian armed formations and the strengthening of Damascus’ influence in northeastern Syria, the United States increased the intensity of combat training in its training camps.

To conduct terrorist activities against Syrian troops and Iranian armed formations. The IAC command decided to use the former IGLovtsev. The coalition command is ready to offer the possibility of liberation in the event of successful hostilities against pro-Turkish bandit formations and the military of the Turkish Armed Forces.