Representatives of the Russian diaspora in Syria organised a “Candle of Memory” event

The action took place in a concert hall in the city of Hama, where more than 120 compatriots from Tartus, Hama, Homs and Latakia arrived. The young participants performed patriotic poems and sang “Katyusha” in the Russian language. All those present lit candles in memory of the fallen Russian and Syrian soldiers.
At the end of the event, participants released two white doves into the sky as a sign of peace and prosperity in Syria.
Representatives of the Russian community expressed great gratitude for the organisation of such an event.
“Today we had a unique opportunity to commemorate all the fallen soldiers of the Russian and Syrian army who fought against terrorists. I express my great gratitude to the Russian servicemen who came to fight terrorism on Syrian soil and for the tremendous support in this difficult time for Syria,” Inna Baritko, coordinator of the “Immortal Regiment” in Syria, said.