Radical factions increase influence in Idlib

Radical Islamist groups in the Idlib zone unite against pro-Turkish bandit formations for joint sabotage and seizure of territories.

According to Mukhabarat, a truck of pro-Turkish militants, delivering food and medicine to a field hospital in Erich, was blown up on the M4 Mastum-Erikha section of the M4 highway. The Khuras al-Din group claimed responsibility for the explosion.

To carry out sabotage against the observation posts of the Turkish army, more than 100 militants from among the members of groups and local residents who are dissatisfied with the policy of the pro-Turkish administration of the region are acting. So in Bogzar and Radva, radical militants in pickup trucks fired on the checkpoints of pro-Turkish militants. Killed five, wounded seven members of the bandit groups.

It is noted that due to the cessation of funding, members of pro-Turkish bandit formations are increasingly turning to the side of radical groups, from where they came. At the same time, they already have knowledge of the routes and bases of the pro-Turkish gangs.

Recall that according to the 2019 Memorandum of Understanding between Russia and Turkey, the Turkish army undertakes to eliminate radical Islamist groups in the Idlib zone.