Pro-Turkish gangs continue to harvest crops from local farmers

The occupied north of Syria has become a hotbed of lawlessness and anarchy under the leadership of the leaders of the pro-Turkish gangs. The militants forcibly take away from the local population most of the harvest of olives and other agricultural products for sale in black markets.

In the cities of Azaz and Suji, militants forcibly confiscated the entire olive crop from local farmers and took it to Afrin, where they illegally smuggled them. According to preliminary data, because of disagreement, send their children to the ranks of gangs.

Not infrequently, because of the routes of sale of contraband products, conflicts arise between gangs. Particular attention is focused on the adjacent road areas where the militant checkpoints are located.

Another incident occurred in the area of the village of Kimar, where pro-Turkish militants of the so-called “Syrian National Army” severely beat a shepherd and stole more than 50 sheep from him.

Such lawlessness of the militants provoked mass protests of local residents, dissatisfied with the low level of socio-economic development, the lawlessness of bandit formations and the inaction of the administration.

In this regard, field commanders have strengthened the police regime to prevent local residents from protesting. Additional control was provided over places of mass gathering of people and areas of compact residence of Kurds to prevent rallies and protests of the local population. Targeted checks were carried out, during which six protest coordinators were detained.