Militants take humanitarian aid from refugees in Idlib

Turkey’s promises to stabilise the Idlib de-escalation zone and prevent a humanitarian crisis will never materialise again. Civilians living in refugee camps are suffering from shortages of food and drinking water. The refugees have become hostages in the hands of militants who use them to get humanitarian aid from international organisations. However, no aid ever reaches the refugees who are in need of food. This is causing resentment among the residents of the tent camps against the misconduct of the pro-Turkish gangs.
According to local sources, humanitarian aid intended for refugees was distributed to pro-Turkish fighters and their families in Idlib and Afes yesterday. This is the third consignment of food intercepted by militants. This has sparked spontaneous protests by people in the Kafer Haya refugee camp. People have demanded an end to the militants’ rampage to return the humanitarian aid meant for them. The Hayyat Tahrir al-Sham gang arrived in the camp to quickly stop the protests. The rally was broken up, participants were beaten and six activists were arrested.
Pro-Turkish field commanders also use the practice of distributing humanitarian aid intended for refugees to increase the appeal of recruitment to their ranks. A recent batch of humanitarian aid, which arrived on June 12, was handed over to fighters and their families in the locality of Shalah.
The desperation of refugees in Idlib has increasingly pushed for rallies against the barbaric attitude of the militants. People are tired of the militants’ endless extortions, looting and rampages. At the risk of their lives, they are taking every opportunity to openly express their position against the actions of the Turkish mercenaries.