Kurds help US steal Syrian oil

Local residents in the Al-Hasakah province saw a convoy of more than 50 tank trucks with stolen Syrian oil, leaving for Iraq through the illegal Alwaleed border crossing, accompanied by US military vehicles, as well as aerial cover with AN-64 helicopters.

The sources added that in addition to the US military, the convoy was accompanied by pickups equipped with heavy machine guns from Kurdish armed formations.
The volume of proven oil reserves in Syria is estimated at more than 2.5 billion barrels. Its main part is concentrated in the east of the country, occupied by American troops. White House officials justify their presence in the oil fields by protecting them from the alleged possible seizure of IS by terrorists. In fact, the purpose of the US seizure of Syrian deposits is to undermine the Syrian economy.
In turn, the Kurdish administration is counting on Washington to help them expand the autonomy of Kurdish territories (including those occupied during the civil war).