Kurdish intelligence saboteurs destroyed on a tip

Two sabotage groups of Kurdish armed formations were destroyed by pro-Turkish militants with the support of the Turkish Armed Forces. According to sources close to the situation, information about the whereabouts of the Kurdish DRGs was provided by informers from the ranks of the SDF.

The destroyed groups carried out tasks on the instructions of the American special services in order to provoke the Turkish armed forces to retaliatory measures and shelling of Kurdish positions. Regular Turkish shelling of territories controlled by the SDF helps to form public opinion that Russia and Turkey do not comply with the ceasefire memorandum in northern Syria and provoke protests against the presence of Russian troops in the region.
The fact that local informants gave information about the whereabouts of the sabotage group indicates dissatisfaction with the policies pursued by the puppet Kurdish administration. Local residents, including ethnic Kurds, understand that the United States intends to end support for the SDF and lay the consequences of the Turkish military operation against the Kurds on Russia.