In the American training camp Ash-Shaddadi began courses for saboteurs-recruits

The commitment of the United States to withdraw troops from Syria forced the American intelligence services to look for labor for their provocations on the side. Former ISIS fighters in the Al-Hol refugee camp are more suited to the dirty work than ever.

ISIS recruits’ past makes it much easier for American instructors to train. Former IS militants have probably known the basics of sabotage activities for a long time. This will make it possible by early November to form up to 3 DRGs for subsequent use against the Iranian IRGC and SAR troops.
Local residents of Al Shaddadi report that several vehicles with unknown persons of Arab origin arrived at the camp this week.
The training of militants is personally overseen by the commander of the IAC, General John Brennan Jr., who previously led the training camps for Syrian militants in Jordan and led the operation to eliminate ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Brennan took over as coalition commander in August this year.