In Afrin, the people unite against the lawlessness of the pro-Turkish gangs

Against the background of more frequent cases of looting and looting by the militants of the “Sultan Murad” division, a group of local residents threw stones and bottles with “Molotov cocktail” at the militants’ stronghold. Seven members of the bandit formations were injured.

In response, the security service issued an ultimatum to the locals demanding the extradition of those responsible for the attack. In case of refusal, the locals are threatened with massive robberies and corporal punishment.

The attack is believed to be related to the arrest by the Internal Security Service of the property of 35 local families whose relatives are suspected of having links with Kurdish self-defense groups. After that, a clash broke out between a group of civil activists with militants, as a result of which five local people were severely beaten.

Also in Ras al-Ain, in the territory controlled by the Turks, there was a clash between pro-Turkish gangs over disputes over the establishment of control over the routes of sale of contraband.