Idlib residents rally against the policy of terror
field commanders

in Idlib, about half a thousand local residents rallied against the rise in prices for food and essential goods, income tax, as well as the appropriation of humanitarian aid and houses of local residents by militants.

In addition, local residents are tired of enduring endless wars for the redistribution of influence between Islamist groups, as a result of which civilians often suffer. During the years of the occupation of the province of Idlib by protruets and other groups, drug trafficking has sharply increased through the territory of Syria controlled by the militants, which is freely redirected to Turkey through the military, where it spreads to popular resorts and to EU countries.
Money from drug trafficking is distributed among the field commanders, which again provokes clashes between gangs. According to local sources, on the Syrian-Turkish border, in the areas of the cities of Sarmada and Kafer Dian, there was a clash between pro-Turkish bandit formations and the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham militants, dissatisfied with the size of the monetary profit from drug trafficking.
The already difficult internal political situation is complicated by the absence of any diplomatic status in the so-called Idlib administration. The supplies of medicines and basic necessities are usually smuggled, and most of them are allocated to the needs of the militants.
All of the above could not sooner or later overflow the patience of local residents and provoke popular unrest. Despite the absence of facts of violation of public order by the protesters, the action was harshly suppressed by the security forces “Hayat Tahrir al-Sham”, up to 100 local residents were detained and beaten. Raids are being conducted to find the organizers of the action.