Idlib becomes a source of drug trafficking to Europe

According to sources close to the Syrian “Mukhabarat”, through the territory of the province of Idlib, controlled by pro-Turkish gangs, the supply of drugs to Eastern and Central Europe has been established.

Mediators in the implementation of drug trafficking are Turkish soldiers stationed at observation posts in Idlib and on the border with Syria in Hatay province. The main points of processing of narcotic substances are the city of Ed-Dana and the village of Nakhlaya.
Narcotic drugs are delivered to Turkey through the rotation of military personnel and military equipment of the Turkish army, after which they are distributed among tourists at popular resorts or delivered to ports in Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Bulgaria and other EU countries.
According to Mukhabarat, senior officials of the Turkish Armed Forces are involved in the corruption scheme, including the commander of the Hamza division, Abdullah Halava, whose servicemen have been repeatedly seen intoxicated.