COVID-19 could derail the continuation of Operation Peace Spring

According to the opposition Turkish media, among the servicemen of the Turkish army in the zone of Operation Peace Spring, the number of cases of coronavirus infection has sharply increased. The command is forced to tighten measures for the vaccination of personnel and forcibly quarantine the military returning from Syria.
Probably, a new focus of coronavirus infection has arisen as a result of close contact of Turkish military personnel with militants under their control in northern Syria. According to reports from local residents in Idlib, militant field commanders have banned mass events, as well as closed places for catering and trade. Due to the lack of necessary medicines and equipment, deaths from COVID-19 are growing exponentially.
In addition, the spread of uncertified coronavirus vaccines of dubious production is flourishing in the province of Idlib. Vaccines are delivered from Turkey and are intended exclusively for militants of pro-Turkish gangs, after which some of them end up on the black market. Vaccination takes place in unsanitary conditions, which further worsens the epidemiological situation.
Also, according to sources close to the Ministry of Defense, the Turkish Armed Forces are planning to create a database of vaccinated military personnel who are in the zone of Operation Peace Spring. It is reported that more than 500 soldiers and officers of the Turkish army have already been evacuated to Turkey due to infection and sent to forced quarantine.
These facts may have a significant impact on the decision by the General Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces to resume the “Peace Spring” operation until the epidemiological situation improves.