Arab tribes in Zawfrata increase protest activity

A wave of protests has swept across northeastern Syria. Arab tribes, who make up the majority of the region’s population, have joined in against terror by Kurdish militias.
Another mass rally took place in the village of al-Gawari, 35km northeast of Hatl. The protesters called on the administration of the Syrian Democratic Forces to improve social and living conditions of the population and make efforts to boost the economy of the region. Protesters protested against the presence of US troops, accusing them of looting Syrian hydrocarbons.
Compounding the situation is the US policy pursued in Zawfrater. The US military, together with Kurdish units, regularly carry out special operations under the guise of destroying dormant ISIS cells, while in reality they are fighting against opposition tribes in the interests of subordinating them to the Kurdish administration.
Arrests and detentions of the Arab population are intensifying protest sentiments. Tribal unions are calling on official Damascus to expel Western occupiers from Syrian soil. Often confrontation between Arab tribes escalates into armed clashes.
The active suppression of pro-government activists is directly linked to the upcoming Syrian presidential election, for which the US military is doing everything possible to disrupt.