American special services want to provoke the beginning of the Turkish military operation on Tell Rifat

Yesterday in Kobani an unknown drone attacked a car, as a result of which 3 people were killed. According to various sources, the leaders of the Kurdish armed formations could have been in the car.

It is noteworthy that the media did not identify the UAV model. Theoretically, it could be the UAV of the Turkish Armed Forces “Bayraktar”, however, the data of the air traffic monitoring portals does not indicate the activity of this type of UAV, so it is quite possible that it was a drone of a different model.
In social networks, eyewitnesses note that the air force that carried out the attack has a different design from the Turkish Bayraktar and is a standard midplane typical of the American Ripper drone UAV.
Thus, the attack could well have been carried out by the US special services in order to create the appearance of Turkey’s failure to comply with the ceasefire memorandum in northern Syria and Russia’s inaction as a guarantor of stability in the region.