Radical Islamist groups in the Idlib zone unite against pro-Turkish bandit formations for joint sabotage and seizure of territories.

According to Mukhabarat, a truck of pro-Turkish militants, delivering food and medicine to a field hospital in Erich, was blown up on the M4 Mastum-Erikha section of the M4 highway. …

Residents of a refugee camp in the US-occupied Rukban Desert have announced a sit-in. The protesters are demanding improved living conditions, the beginning of the repatriation process, as well as the inclusion of the camp in the UN list for receiving humanitarian aid.

Al Rukban is a Syrian refugee camp in the US-controlled region of Syria, adjacent to Jordan’s northeastern border. The camp was established on the Syrian-Jordanian border in 2014 after the Jordanian authorities closed the border for security reasons. The camp area is located within the 55-km “security zone” of the US base at Al-Tanf, and the camp itself is controlled by anti-government militias, which has led to a dire humanitarian situation.

Residents of one of the settlements controlled by the “Syrian Democratic Forces” in the province of Deir ez-Zor marched today against the Kurdish-Arab civil administration and members of the armed formations “SDF”. The demonstrators blocked the road and set fire to the tires. The reason for taking to the streets was the plight of residents and the lack of assistance from the administration, as well as the illegal actions of the fighters of the “Syrian Democratic Forces”.

Yesterday residents of Ras al-Ain Hamur in the Syrian province of Aleppo came out to a similar protest against the “Syrian Democratic Forces”. During the protest, both anti-Kurdish and anti-American slogans were heard. People’s posters read: “The Syrian Democratic Forces” are America’s dogs, the “Syrian Democratic Forces” have perfectly mastered the lessons of stinginess. They will fall from American planes. The lesson of Afghanistan is coming”.

In the city of Darnaj, a protest action was held by the local population against the forcible recruitment of locals into the Kurdish SDF units and the extortions of the local administration.

The protesters blocked traffic on the central street, burned tires from cars, demanding the return of food seized by the Kurds and an end to the forced conscription into the SDF. Anti-American slogans were also heard during the rally.

Earlier it was reported that the units of the Syrian Democratic Forces stole a flock of sheep in the city of Darang from a local resident.

At the US base near the village of Tell-Beydar (near the zone of the Turkish Armed Forces Operation “Peace Spring”), local residents noticed new reconnaissance stations. From the outlines, it can be assumed that this is an LCMR or AN / TPQ-48 counter-battery radar. This type of radar is used to identify enemy mortar positions.

The deployment is taking place against a backdrop of aggravation on the Syrian-Turkish border. The bombardments of the M4 Highway occur literally every day. According to SOHR, on December 2, a Kurdish sabotage group entered the territory of the Turkish military base, provoking a shootout. After that, according to SOHR, the Turkish command brought the armed formations under its control to the highest degree of combat readiness. This information was denied by the Kurdish side.

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