New evidence appears on the Internet that the SDF units, taking advantage of the confusion caused by the escaped ISIS militants, literally transgressed to the genocide of the Arab population. Thus, local residents published a video showing the bodies of people shot by SDF fighters in Hasek. …

A video from local residents appeared on the network, which shows the bodies of people shot by militants of the Syrian Democratic Forces in Hasakah. It is reported that Kurdish militants, taking advantage of the confusion in the region associated with the escaped ISIS militants, are engaged in ethnic cleansing of the local Arab population, as well as the killing of opponents of the presence of the International Coalition.

Against this background, the Arab population of the province of Deir ez-Zor in the territory of Suweidan Jazeera and Diban is holding protests against the Kurdish administration, developing into riots. In addition, local residents accuse the Kurds of kidnapping, the worsening crime situation and the ongoing harassment by the Syrian Democratic Forces.

In the province of Idlib, an increase in the number of desertions among pro-Turkish gangs continues to be recorded. The setting up of checkpoints by the Turkish armed forces could not contain panic, therefore, in order to prevent the militants from leaving their positions in the cities of Sheikh Slimane and Tekad, the Turks, under the pretext of occupation, closed the area. In addition, new units of militants were deployed from among the young replenishment, who had prematurely graduated from the training camps.

The number of deaths of militants in the province of Idlib is constantly growing. Some die as a result of skirmishes with government troops, others in skirmishes with other units. Between themselves, usually the militants cannot share the stolen property from the local population or money from the organized smuggling of drugs, weapons, or even people.

However, cases of death of pro-Turkish militants have become more frequent as a result of the lack of any training among the fighters and their field commanders. So, in the area of ​​​​the city of Es-Sibat, while preparing for an attack on the positions of the SAR Armed Forces using a drone of their own production, an explosive device was detonated, 5 militants died.

Iranian militias in the province of Deir ez-Zor are completely out of control of the Syrian government. The militants confiscate houses and other property from the local population, feeling their complete impunity in a foreign country.

The Iranian-backed militants appropriate commercial premises, houses and farmland, and then sell or rent among themselves. In addition to real estate, local residents complain about the robbery of livestock, things and money.

The administration of the cities can do nothing about it, everyone who tries to resist the robberies is beaten or killed by the militants.

Strong Syria

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