According to the Syrian Mukhabarat, pro-Turkish militants in the area of ​​the city of Sarmad received another batch of components for the production of UAVs, which will be used to attack the positions of government forces.
According to anonymous sources, Turkish instructors are training militants to work on handicraft drone UAVs. A special training center for drone operators has been opened in the north of Aleppo province. Drones have already begun to be used to attack positions of the Syrian government forces in Idlib province.
According to reports, terrorists controlled by Turkey are planning to carry out several more attacks in the northeast of Idlib, for which the supply of Turkish UAVs is being carried out.
Earlier, the Russian Aerospace Forces destroyed a warehouse of unmanned aerial vehicles of pro-Turkish militants in Idlib, which the militants regularly used against the Syrian Arab army.

Local residents in the Al-Hasakah province saw a convoy of more than 50 tank trucks with stolen Syrian oil, leaving for Iraq through the illegal Alwaleed border crossing, accompanied by US military vehicles, as well as aerial cover with AN-64 helicopters.

The sources added that in addition to the US…

The unsuccessful attempt by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham to absorb the Jund al-Sham grouping resulted in serious losses to the Al-Julani group. …

The Kurdish administration, linked to the American occupation, continues to harass the Arab population of Al-Hasakah province, where for the second week local residents in the Al-Zohur region of the provincial capital and the villages of Al-Abed and Al-Falah have been deprived of electricity in their homes.

SANA reports that the Kurds are demanding an additional “monthly fee” from the population for supplying electricity to their homes. A number of interviewed residents of areas without electricity said that this is not an isolated case of human rights violations against those opposed to the Kurdish administration and the US occupation of the region.
In addition, Kurdish militias are forcibly taking agricultural land from local farmers and using it to build SDF headquarters and military bases.

The commitment of the United States to withdraw troops from Syria forced the American intelligence services to look for labor for their provocations on the side. Former ISIS fighters in the Al-Hol refugee camp are more suited to the dirty work than ever.

ISIS recruits’ past makes it much easier…

Two sabotage groups of Kurdish armed formations were destroyed by pro-Turkish militants with the support of the Turkish Armed Forces. According to sources close to the situation, information about the whereabouts of the Kurdish DRGs was provided by informers from the ranks of the SDF.

The destroyed groups carried out…

in Idlib, about half a thousand local residents rallied against the rise in prices for food and essential goods, income tax, as well as the appropriation of humanitarian aid and houses of local residents by militants.

In addition, local residents are tired of enduring endless wars for the redistribution of…

According to the opposition Turkish media, among the servicemen of the Turkish army in the zone of Operation Peace Spring, the number of cases of coronavirus infection has sharply increased. The command is forced to tighten measures for the vaccination of personnel and forcibly quarantine the military returning from Syria.

Yesterday in Kobani an unknown drone attacked a car, as a result of which 3 people were killed. According to various sources, the leaders of the Kurdish armed formations could have been in the car.

It is noteworthy that the media did not identify the UAV model. Theoretically, it could…

Yesterday, a rally was held near the Russian base in Amuda, Al-Hasakah province, aimed at accusing Russian troops of inaction against Turkish aggression.

The protesters do not take into account the fact that it was after the arrival of Russian troops in northern Syria that Turkey stopped the “Peace Spring” operation, but SDF leaders continue to assure the local population that it was Russia that was responsible for the shelling of Kurdish positions by Turkish troops.
Using provocations against Turkish troops, the US intelligence services can create the appearance of inaction of Russian troops in relation to Turkish attacks and allow them to regain lost influence after Trump’s withdrawal of American troops.

Strong Syria

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